Tishera Jones born in Boston Mass raised in Atlantic City New Jersey at the very tender age of 12 her life changed becoming a young mother with so many adversity against her battling her way threw life and all the uphill roll coaster that would be thrown her way she persevered threw it good bad or indifferent.  She currently lives in Mays Landing New Jersey  is bus operator for New Jersey Transit enjoying family time very spiritual grounded and loves to encourage anyone whom she comes in contact with favorite motto "Work on being the best version of you " 

That's My Song

​Desiree' Marcano

23 year old Baltimore native originally born in New York with a undergraduate degree in Communications. I have a passion for combat sports more specific boxing and MMA and I want share that with the rest of the world. 

Rosalyn M. Gaines is a native Baltimorean who possesses more than 20 years of community theater experience. She is a playwright, historical dramatist, poetess and well sought after consultant on educational and historical theater programs. 

She is also an authority on the development of drama ministries. Her extensive community theater profile includes directorship of the New Afrika Players at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County and the Southern Spirit Ensemble in Houston, Texas. She also performed with the former African-American Total Theater in Manhattan, New York. In all, she holds performance credentials in more than 65 productions throughout the Mid-Atlantic theatrical circuit. Currently, she is planning a four city tour for her original play "Low Down Dirty Blues," that was featured in the DC Black Theater Festival.

Ms. Gaines has written and directed more than 40 theatrical productions. She is the founder and artistic director of the Kuumba Ensemble Heritage House Community Theater. She possesses a Bachelor's degree in African-American Studies from the University of Maryland-Baltimore County and a Master's degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  Her broadcast journalism experience includes former positions as vice president of programming development for BlackTVOnline.com, general assignment reporter and weekend anchor for KOMU TV-8 and radio host for KBIA 91.3 FM, both in Columbia, MO.  She also worked as a news reporter for KCOH 1430 AM in Houston, TX and as a researcher/producer assistant for CBS News in New York, NY.  Last, Ms. Gaines' first published book "Lies, Lace & Letters of Love" will be available in bookstores in 2017.

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The Compassionate Kind

Cherill R. Ashton

Rosalyn M. Gaines

"We are excited to have such amazing shows and host on our station. Each show brings something special in its own right. We are committed to the enhancing lives across the globe. Tell your friends and family about Life Enhancement Radio. It is radio that will change your life for the better!"

A Better You

Rev. William Greene

Founders of Life Enhancement Radio Station

Sunday Fight Hour

   Wilbert Reed

She is an avid music listener and acknowledges the impact that music and lyrics have on her life and the lives of us all.  Desiree's co-hosts are a diverse group of Soul Sister friends that are impacted by music and lyrics and may interpret and analyze those music and lyrics differently leading to a lively discussion about why that's your song. Born and bred in Baltimore, Maryland, Desiree's journey has seen breast cancer that led to her involvement in the non-profit group- The Journey Continues, the violent loss of a loved one that led to her involvement in the non-profit group- MOMS Mothers of Murdered Sons and a passion for civil rights and human rights which led to her being just and seeking justice. 
"Music is the eyes to your soul...."

True To The Tea

Tishera Jones

                Choosing To Win 

Life Enhancement Radio

​Leroy Allen & Kendell Lenice

​​​A Radio talk show  & Station that will change your life for the better.

William Greene is a native of Hampton, Va. His philosophy for life is that you matter and can make a difference if you just try. This has helped William reach many who have lost their way or just have not reached their full potential whether it has been physical, spiritual or emotional.
William has survived and overcome many of the hardships you think only you have. Molestation, homelessness, drug addiction, relationship trouble including divorce, false accusations, gangs, low self-esteem, depression, financial illiteracy and many other aspects of life that hold us all back. But through perseverance, study and a determination not be a statistic of failure William has rebounded and is living up to his philosophy.
William is truly a living example of being multi-dimensional. He is a Certified Life Coach, Public Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Executive Business Coach, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Preacher, Teacher, and Community Leader. ​

Life Enhancement Radio

Cherill is an actress, speaker, and writer living in the DC, Maryland, & Virginia Metroplex, also known as DMV. She has been performing in live theatre: singing, dancing, and acting since she was a young girl. She also had the pleasure of doing commercials and getting a taste of what on-line film is like. She is an animal lover and a devout vegan.

She also spends much of her time coaching and giving advice to new vegans, people who are veg-curious, or even those who just want to live a healthier life. Veganism was the obvious next step for Cherill.

She gave up pork as a child after she witnessed her pet pig get slaughtered for food. You can imagine how detrimental that could have been to a child. Fast forwarding to her adult years, she spent several years as a vegetarian. Then, in early 2015 wanting to make the vegan lifestyle "official" she applied and was accepted to a 6 week Vegan Living Program (VLP) run by Open the Cages Alliance in Baltimore, MD. She went head first into this program and graduated which earned her a certificate of completion. In March 2016, Cherill payed it forward when she joined Open the Cages for their 2016 VLP as a volunteer and Vegan Coach to this year's newest vegan pledges!
She has a counseling background and is a PhD student working on her Doctorate in Human Services. She hopes to announce the release of her first 'published' book in the near future!